About TIE – Background Information

TIE’s principals have extensive experience in training and information processing.

Michael J. KolbeGeneral Partner/President

Michael’s career in information systems qualifies him to meet the technical needs of TIE’s clients.

Michael has been in information systems since 1964. He specializes in the following:

  • Design, development, debugging, and troubleshooting of applications and systems software
  • Installation and support of computer networks (including LANs, WANs, and Web sites)

In addition to technical consulting, Michael participates in the design and development of training programs by:

  • Acting as a subject matter expert and technical reviewer of computer-related courseware
  • Performing the technical functions related to developing computer-based and Web-based training, including coding, testing, quality assurance, and installation/technical support

A detailed description of Michael’s experience is available.

Margaret A. Kolbe Partner/Vice President

Margaret has been involved in the design and development of training since 1974. Her extensive experience in instructional design and development qualifies her to meet the training needs of TIE’s clients.

Prior to founding The Information Engineers, Margaret was Vice President of Product Development for an internationally recognized publisher of multimedia (text, audio, video, and computer) training programs for information systems professionals and users of computer systems. As Vice President, she directed the efforts of 110 professionals in many disciplines (instructional design, editing, video/audio production, graphics, etc.) and was responsible for overseeing the design, development, production, and acquisition of over 2,000 hours of self-instructional training per year.

Margaret also held positions of Director of Product Development, Manager of Product Development, Manager of Codevelopment, and Product Manager. In these positions, she managed and/or personally developed video-based and computer-based training on a variety of technology-related subjects.

Before launching her career in training, Margaret was an information systems consultant. In this role, she designed and developed a wide range of computer systems and applications.

Margaret holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology (with a concentration in Psycholinguistics, the study of how people learn and process language) from Loyola University of Chicago (Magna Cum Laude). Her post-graduate studies include an advanced degree from Honeywell Institute of Information Sciences and course work toward an MBA.