Training Services – Technical Writing


After initial training, learners often need documentation and reference materials to support day-to-day job activities.

TIE also designs and develops a variety of reference materials in both text and computer-based formats. These materials include:

Our goal in developing reference materials is to provide easy-to-use, task-oriented information that improves job performance.

Examples of Representative Projects

Listed below are descriptions of some representative technical writing projects. Please contact us for additional information or samples.

User Guides
Problem: A software development firm needed a set of user guides for its suite of proprietary software products used to correct the year 2000 date problem.
Solution: TIE designed, developed, and produced all the user guides, along with instructor-led training for each software product. <Back to top.>

Reference Manuals
Problem: A major insurance company required a reference manual to help its customer service representatives understand the tax compliance and reporting requirements and procedures for life insurance product transactions.
Solution: TIE designed and developed a task-oriented reference manual in both print- and computer-based (PDF) formats. <Back to top.>
Problem: A major manufacturer of voice and data communications systems (hardware and software) required sales guides to provide its field sales organization with product information (features, benefits, and functions) and sales strategies.
Solution: TIE designed and developed sales guides for a variety of communications products and systems. <Back to top.>

Job Aids
Problem: A major producer of business forms required job aids and accompanying documentation to facilitate its internal problem management process and the use of its automated problem tracking system.
Solution: TIE designed and developed a task-oriented set of job aids and procedures for all participants in the process. <Back to top.>

Technical Documentation
Problem: A major manufacturer of voice and data communications equipment required technical documentation for its field engineers on setting up and configuring the company's echo cancellation products.
Solution: TIE developed all the technical documentation for the field engineers. <Back to top.>