Training Services – Training Development


TIE specializes in the design and development of custom training. Most of the programs we develop are performance-based and focus on building specific skills. However, we also provide knowledge-based programs that are conceptual and designed to impart a high-level understanding of a subject area.

We have extensive experience with a variety of delivery systems, including:

In addition, we use a systematic methodology to manage the development process and ensure that the right training is developed, on time and within budget.

Examples of Representative Projects

Listed below are descriptions of some representative training projects. Please contact us for additional infor mation or samples.

Computer- and Web-based Training
Problem: A major communications company required a cost-effective way to introduce its systems analysts and project managers to various systems development strategies and models for rapid design, development, and deployment of information processing systems.
Solution: In conjunction with a partner firm, TIE designed and developed a computer-based training curriculum that presents the concepts and decision-making criteria for selecting a systems development strategy/model. This training was implemented using Icon Author for UNIX and delivered over the company's internal network. <Back to top.>
Problem: A healthcare organization required a Web-based curriculum to train its geographically dispersed nursing staff on the concepts, standards, and practice guidelines for dealing with long-term care issues (such as abuse prohibition, behavior management, fall prevention, and pain management).
Solution: TIE designed and developed a Web-based training curriculum that presents the concepts and standards for a variety of long-term care issues. This curriculum provides online access to the organization's published Standards and Practice Guidelines by linking to PDFs.<Back to top.>

Instructor-led Training
Problem: A major insurance company required training for its field sales organization to support the introduction of a new line of insurance products for the small business market.
Solution: TIE designed and developed a curriculum of instructor-led and self-paced training programs. This curriculum includes an electronic performance support system (EPSS) made up of an online guide (implemented as a Windows Help file) and a computer-based concepts assessment. (See Online Documentation for additional information.) <Back to top.>
Problem: A firm that develops software to support data collection/analysis for clinical drug trials required a curriculum of classroom-based training for customers (major pharmaceutical companies) who use the software.
Solution: In conjunction with a partner firm, TIE designed and developed an instructor-led training curriculum that covers all aspects of setting up and conducting a clinical drug trial using computer systems. This curriculum addresses the needs of several audiences and includes numerous practice exercises performed on the software system. <Back to top.>

Print-based Training
Problem: A major insurance company required training for its customer service representatives who handle key markets (qualified and non-qualified retirement plans) and product lines (life insurance, annuities, and mutual funds).
Solution: As part of an ongoing effort, TIE designs and develops print-based training/reference modules. These modules are converted to HTML for delivery over the company's intranet. To date, approximately 40 modules have been developed. <Back to top.>
Problem: Prior to launching a new financial planning and asset allocation software suite, a major insurance company needed to train its financial representatives on the basics of asset allocation.
Solution: TIE designed and developed a print-based module that introduces the concepts of asset allocation and presents a methodology for integrating asset allocation into the financial planning process. <Back to top.>