Technical Services – Networks

While computer networks have become more "user friendly" over the years, they are still complex hardware/software systems that are challenging to implement and baffling to support when a problem occurs.

TIE provides complete turnkey network analysis, design, implementation, and support services to enable our clients to reap the many business benefits of networking, including:

  • Cost effective sharing of data and resources
  • Distribution of information from a central source
  • Collaboration and communication among all network users
  • Remote access to data and applications on the network

We realize that most of our clients have neither the resources nor the expertise to deal with the technical complexities "under the hood" of a computer network. As a result, our goal throughout the network design and implementation process is ease of use.

Our network expertise includes:

  • Client-server and peer-to-peer networks
  • LANs and WANs (including intranets and Web sites)
  • Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows